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Post Production Services

Priced for independent filmmakers and distributors, MediaOCD has over 20 years of experience offering a wide variety of services to prep your content for streaming, Blu-ray or theatrical distribution. Let us know how we can help you today!

CD Drive

Blu-ray, UHD Blu-ray and DVD

Did you know we've produced over 1,300 retail Blu-rays? MediaOCD made its name producing top-quality discs for the most discerning retail customers. As physical media becomes a collector's format, quality counts more than ever. From DVD to HDR 4K UHD, we can handle it all.

Movie Projector Ray_edited.png

Digital Cinema Packages

Whether for a trailer, a commercial, or a whole feature, showing video in a theater often REQUIRES a Digital Cinema Package, or DCP. MediaOCD takes the guesswork out of production, giving you flawless playback at a very low price.

Video Editing Timeline_edited.jpg

Editing and Creative Services

Telling your story well takes a specific touch. Whether you want to whip up excitement or move people, our team of editors, colorists, and graphics specialists can do it all. Take your project from raw footage to polished masterwork, all at MediaOCD!

Ethernet Cable

Streaming Asset Prep

The world of online video is complicated. Every service requires its own specifications -- some of which can be very tough to manage. MediaOCD has years of experience in delivering video assets to streaming providers, no matter how tough to please!


Subtitles and Captions

Accessibility is more important than ever. Make sure your subtitles and captions are compatible, legible and bulletproof with MediaOCD's industry-leading subtitling team. Doing Blu-ray or burned-in captions? Level up your presentation with typesetting effects!


Restoration and Upscaling

Dealing with vintage film and video can be difficult, but MediaOCD knows how to get top quality from your oldest content. Dust and scratch removal, IVTC, color correction, grain management, denoising and AI scaling are just a few of the tools in our bag!

MediaOCD Is Quality

Uncompromising standards since 2011

Our clients include Discotek Media, IFC Films, Variance Films, Embracer Group, Bandai Namco Holdings, A24, Sony Pictures Entertainment and many more. Get in touch today!

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