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PRE-ORDER – OUT SEPT 10, 2024!

Chicago’s only got room for ONE massive Bean!


Visiting the Chicagoland area and in need of a getaway driver? Well, there's no better wheelman than Bean Bandit--the infamous Roadbuster! Provided you've got the scratch, Bean and his blonde bombshell of a partner, Rally Vincent, will get you where you need to go. Not long after finishing up a sketchy job, the Roadbuster is tasked with returning a young member of Chicago's elite to her family's estate. But what starts out as a simple taxi gig quickly becomes way more than Bean and Rally had bargained for... 

From the high-octane imagination of Kenichi Sonoda (Gunsmith Cats, Otaku no Video) and the animation gearheads of AIC (Bubblegum Crisis, Tenchi Muyo) comes a classic tale of trouble in the windy city! This action-packed can of beautiful Bean Bandit footage rolls onto Blu-ray in stunning high definition! Featuring the original Japanese language with English subtitles alongside the English Dub!

Running time: 45 min.
Rating: 16+
Audio: English Stereo, Japanese Stereo
Aspect ratio: 4x3
Video format: 1080p


Alt Category: Action/Adventure
Street Date: 9/10/2024


Bonus features: TBA

Riding Bean Blu-ray

Street date: September 10, 2024
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