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The first in a collection of limited edition AnimEigo apparel.


They don't understand. They're all obsessed with their hot new shows and their V-tubers their streaming. They don't know about the good old days, when anime was two episodes on a VHS tape for $34.99, you got your news from rec.arts.anime, and fansubs were a rare and precious commodity. Assert your old-school cred with this glorious T-shirt commemorating the ORIGINAL anime label of the VHS era.


The shirt itself is an extremely soft 60% cotton/40% polyester blend from Next Level Apparel. We absolutely love these shirts, and believe them to be some of the most comfortable and flattering on the market. They're quite durable, too. (The polyester is to reduce shrinking and pilling.) For best results, machine wash cold with similar colors, and tumble dry on medium or low heat (or better yet, air dry).


The perfect T-shirt for when kids must be removed from your lawn.


SIZES (chest x length):

  • S – 35" x 38" (89 x 96.5 cm)
  • M – 38" x 41" (96.5 x 104 cm)

  • L – 43" x 44" (109 x 112 cm)

  • XL – 45" x 48" (114 x 122 cm)

  • 2XL – 48" x 52" (122 x 132 cm)

  • 3XL – 53.5" x 56" (136 x 142 cm)

  • 4XL – 60" x 60" (152.5 x 152.5 cm)


Sizes are Unisex. We apologize that sizes beyond XL have a higher price, but this is due to our supplier cost.

AnimEigo "Old School Fan" T-Shirt

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